5 Easy Steps to Keep Your Rotary Vane Pump Operating Properly

Every rotary vane pump manufacturer makes it their objective to manufacture the most dependable machines available. However, even the best-manufactured pumps can start malfunctioning after years of hard work.

Here are five easy steps you can perform to keep your pumps in good shape:

Frequently Check Oil Levels

Rotary vane pump oil is essential in lubricating its parts to ensure smooth and productive daily operations.  Frequent oil checks allow you to see possible contaminants, especially in long-time used oil. Manufacturers can give you an estimated time-frequency schedule for when you should change your vacuum pump’s oil. However, if you work in a high-debris working environment, you should adjust your check and replacement schedule accordingly. 

Change Filters Often

Similar to oil checks, frequent rotary pump filter checks are crucial. In high-debris environments, processed liquids have higher chances of contamination. Filters can do well in preventing the entrance of unwanted debris and contaminants. However, they can wear out and become problematic over time, requiring a replacement. 

Clean The Interiors Regularly

Rotary vane pumps should be cleaned after 2000 working hours. This should include cleaning the interiors, rubber seals, valve and exhaust valve. Ensuring that the parts are cleaned and working will help keep your pump in good shape. 

Replace The Vanes

Similar to filters, vanes can become bent, broken, or shorter over time. Most pump manufacturers can sell replacement vanes to you. However, it’s better to leave the installation to their professional technicians instead. 

Call Qualified Technicians For Regular Professional Maintenance

Highly-qualified technicians will be able to help you identify what is wrong with your machine. Contacting them during dire situations helps you resolve any problems in no time.

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