Different Types of Medical Vacuum Pumps

While industrial pumps can sometimes be mistakenly chosen without proper knowledge, a medical vacuum pump system can not afford any potential mistakes. In fact, it must meet the industry standards when it comes to minimum sizing. The pumping system must come in a duplex system with one pump capable of delivering the overall load the facility needs and the other one serves as a backup. Once this minimum requirement is met, you can then proceed in choosing which particular vacuum pump technology to use for your medical application. 

Dry Rotary Vane Pump 

The major benefits of this type of medical vacuum pump include low vibration, low energy use, and long vane life. It also requires no oil or liquid. It works through its rotor that is mounted in the cylinder of the pump and houses the sliding vanes. The centrifugal force created by the turning rotor drives the vanes to slide outward, which forms the seal against the wall of the pump cylinder. 

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Dry Claw Pump 

Same as dry rotary vane, a dry claw vacuum pump also involves no liquid. Plus, it requires very low maintenance and provides high efficiency. What draws the air inside the pump is the claw-shaped rotors that rotate in opposite directions. Once the air has been compressed by the rotors, it will then be discharged into the atmosphere. Since the moving parts inside the pump housing don’t come in contact with each other, wear and replacement of internal parts are very minimal. 

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Oil Sealed Rotary Vane Pump

This kind of pump offers similar benefits as its dry counterpart, with the key difference in its air-cooled design. It also works very much the same as a dry rotary vane medical vacuum pump which relies on centrifugal force created by the rotors to slide the vanes.

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While there are some differences on how each of the vacuum pumps work, the bottom line is that good suction relies on a clean and reliable pumping system. This means your vacuum pump must be well-maintained to ensure better patient care and happy staff. To learn more, contact Global Vac today!