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Medical Vacuum Solutions


Having the highest quality machinery in medical application is critical. Our medical vacuum systems are highly reliable and require minimal maintenance. Trust our experts at GlobalVac & Air to help you find the right system for your space and application.

Laboratory Vacuum Solutions


At GlobalVac & Air, we offer a wide range of laboratory vacuum systems. As an industry leader, we have helped many laboratories find the system that works best for the size and capabilities of their lab. Let our experts help you with your next project.

GlobalVac & Air Industrial Products


Our industrial vacuum equipment feature the latest cutting edge technology. The systems that we manufacture have distinctive features that allow for ease of use and functionality. Get started with one of our high performing, efficient, industrial compressed air & vacuum systems.

Mobile Engineered Solutions

Our mobile engineered solutions are designed with all of the essential equipment you need for your application.

Additionally, our dedicated engineers collaborate with you to craft a customized solution, particularly beneficial in situations where space is constrained, installation costs are a concern, or equipment resilience to outdoor weather conditions is imperative.

About Us

Formerly known as GlobalVac, GlobalVac & Air is the same leader in providing quality, innovative solutions for medical, laboratory, and industrial applications. Our start with vacuum systems has grown to include containerized equipment solutions for both compressed air & vacuum. This new, extensive product offering continues to lead the industry with the same level of quality and innovation that we have always delivered.

Furthermore, our team of highly trained air and vacuum experts will work with you to tailor any of our products to fit the unique needs of your application. 

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