Innovative Compressed Air & Vacuum Solutions

We offer a versatile range of solutions with our compressed air and vacuum capabilities. Our offerings range from modular vacuum systems to fully customized mobile containerized equipment rooms. We deliver cutting-edge technology and expertise, whether you need compact, ready-to-use vacuum systems or a custom equipment enclosure tailored to your needs. Our modular solutions provide high performance and efficiency, while our custom Mobile Engineered Solutions ensure flexibility and easy expansion.

Modular Vacuum Systems

Engineered with precision and expertise, our skid-based modular vacuum systems ensure optimal performance and efficiency. They are designed for use in various settings, including hospitals, clinics, research labs, and production facilities. GlobalVac & Air delivers unmatched quality and versatility. We empower businesses to achieve their goals confidently. Explore our complete range today. Experience quality, reliable vacuum technology with GlobalVac & Air.

Vacuum Solutions
Medical Vacuum Solutions

Medical Vacuum Systems

We understand the importance of the quality of machinery, including vacuum systems, within the medical industry. This is why we here at GlobalVac & Air are confident that you can trust our medical solutions. 

Laboratory Vacuum Solutions

Lab & Life Sciences Vacuum Systems

We offer a variety of vacuum systems for laboratories. We have worked with many laboratory and life sciences facilities in manufacturing their ideal dry vacuum pump and rotary claw pump systems.

Mobile Engineered Solutions

A Containerized Solution for Compressed Air, Vacuum, or Any Other Equipment

GVA’s mobile engineered solutions are all-weather, containerized equipment rooms that can be completely  customized with all the essential equipment required for your application.

If you’re limited on floorspace, looking to avoid costly installation, or need your equipment to be able to endure any weather condition, Mobile Engineered Solutions are your answer. 

Mobile Engineered Solution- Compressed Air & Vacuum Solutions