4 Signs Your Rotary Pump Is In Need of Replacement

Rotary pumps play critical roles in many industries, and it is vital to keep these pumps in the best condition possible. Consistent maintenance services and performance monitoring is crucial. If you’re unsure about your pump’s performance, you can rest assured that there are usually signs to look out for. If you keep an eye on these signs, you should be able to determine when they are in need of replacement before it is too late.

Here are some basic signs:

You’ve been using it for ten years: 

Machines perform their best during the first years after manufacturing. After a run with a rotary pump of any kind for more than a decade, you’ll start to experience hiccups with their performance. You might feel that it is slower, or your employees might mention detecting some machine failures along the way. If your pump is more than ten years old, we highly recommend replacing it soon.

Pump speed doesn’t change accordingly: 

If your pump’s speed isn’t changing during adjustment, it’s likely to have a loose transmission shaft. Another problem could be reduced levels of inlet and outlet oil, which affects the transmission drive. However, if you’ve done all these and your pump continues to perform problematically, it’s due for a visit from professional technicians that GlobalVac & Air can provide. 

You have inconsistent pressure: 

Sealing rings ensure that shafts remain airtight. In doing so, it retains air pressure, which allows the pump to function in the best way possible. If you’re experiencing inconsistent pump pressure after changing your sealing rings, you might want to consider getting a new machine.

The pump is vibrating more than usual: 

Rotary pumps vibrate when they function. Furthermore, it’s reasonable to notice loosening nuts and bolts, which your maintenance teams can work on later. However, if the pump is vibrating and emitting a loud noise, whether it’s a low or shrill sound, it may be a sign that it needs a replacement soon.

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