3 Advantages of Owning a Dry Claw Vacuum Pump

A dry claw vacuum pump is useful in many industrial applications. The need for it is apparent when contractors need a vacuum of low-maintenance yet high payoff. Most dry claw pump systems are helpful for unique applications requiring a tremendous amount of vacuum for less horsepower required. Doing so allows these claw pumps to adapt to any process effectively and become compatible instantly.

No Messy Liquids

Unlike rotary vacuum pumps, a dry claw vacuum pump does not require liquid to produce a vacuum seal. Liquid sealing is effective with substance-based applications, which are most common in medical and laboratory operations. However, in outdoor or less than ideal work environments, a dry claw pump’s lack of need for liquid sealing makes them less messy and easy to adapt to any situation.

Low Horsepower Needed To Achieve Exceptional Vacuum

A dry claw vacuum pump uses two claw-like components to produce compression and expansion. They are next to each other and simultaneously provide large air compression. Doing so allows them to achieve an ideal amount of vacuum without wasting energy in the process.

Extremely Low Maintenance Even in Harsh Environments

Dry vacuum pumps are the ideal solution when it comes to low maintenance vacuums that require the least amount of inspection and checks as possible. Dry claw pumps are suited for harsh work environments such as wastewater treatment plants, debris-riddled factories, and dusty construction sites.

Source The Finest Pumps from Reliable Suppliers

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